Live by: Words

Great Grand Father: "Don't leave home without it" (Whiskey)
Grand Father: "Never put ice in your drink, wastes a good drink."
Father: "Always order your olives on the side because you get more alcohol."
Me: "My shoe is a flask!"



Q: What?
Q: I'm sorry?
Q: I'm sorry...? (When I have done something wrong and all I know is they want me to apologize.)
Q: Chesire cat?
Q: Why did you get kicked out of the warped tour?
Q: Bushy Lady?
Q: All problems stem from jobs and sex?

can't tell you how often I hear this and then talk out loud...Do not talk out loud.


The Perfect Women

You're Duke of New York! A Number One!


I Hate My Blog and So should YOU!

1. It lacks any focus (like those damn democrats)
3. It has poor spelling and grammer and is rarely re-read for errors
4. I am constantly tell you the reader what to do, like you don't know what to do? Like the human race can't survive.
5. I can and will out drink you and don't expect me to stop...'nuff said

Bo' Diddley's gone and all you can do is hate my blog>shame on you!