The New Face of Porn

Are you tired of all the types of porn, bondage, never nude, foot, hentai and/or Myspace? Enter Abstract Porn or Ab-Po (patent pending) will bring the world to a completely sexually driven society. It will make the FDA obsolete and absurd. So what is Ab-Po? Simply put, it is any picture that has no sexual content, until the viewer is told that it is sexual. Look at that boat image; it didn't seem sexual until now! The clouds, the shape of the buildings, the dirty dirty windows are now etched into the audiences mind as sexy.

The revolution that is Ab-Po will take the world by storm! It will make us think about pictures in a different light. With more images being considered sexually explicit, there will be an economic boom. It has been proven that if a product can be associated with sex, it will sell at a higher rate. Ab-Po will save the USA! (To become an investor send your money to: Limbless Jack).

Why would anyone choose Ab-Po over the regular porn?
  • Because it isn't porn, no one can get in trouble looking at neutral pictures.
  • It's the greatest pornography ever! It is what your imagination makes it!
  • It's economical.


DoctorBalls has done it Again!

I found these pictures on the web, by a one Doctorballs. Pure genius! In name and artistic talent, mixing colors with pop culture and then adding more pop culture. I think we all remember our childhood as icons and bright colors.


Anime has gone too far!

TV, Pokemon, big eyes and now this!



Have you ever thought about SPACE TRAVEL? (people nodding) But are afraid of heights or don't have the engineering skills to build a spaceship?

Well then do we have the answer for you, SPAYAK! It's a spaceship and a kayak all in one. And don't worry about driving, because you have an sea otter (Enhydra lutris) trapped in the front cockpit bubble to steer your spayak. Just paddle and enjoy experiencing the river like you're in space.




Friends in Shoes

Condoms or socks? Which came first? Obliviously it was a sock, although it's suck a shame, what if the condom came first? What would've come to the sock, ribbed socks? Socks protecting the feet from STD's. I'm not saying that the foot is phallic or even that shoes are vaginal. What I'm saying is socks keep your feet cold unless your feet are in shoes. So they are friends in shoes.