Geezers Need Excitement

I got employed for another retail job. I work with people, "You know Wade, we have hired 4 other people for this position." I guess I don't need to work so hard is what the owner is trying telling me. They fired the last guy they trained, the co-workers sometimes call me by his name(he is hated). I try to relate to my comrades, (blank stares) "...Was that a joke?" uhh, it was.

The logical conclusion is that this is a reality show, where they take a bunch of 20 something's and force them to all compete against each other for a single minimum wage job. They must form alliances, build in roads and remember to "up-sale." Geezers Need Excitement.


Paris Milton

A young lady famous for being slutty and inubriated (Paris Hilton) accidentally stumbles upon a time travel machine and is sent to 1651 London, England. There is an altercation when she arrives: her body melds with famous poet, polemicist and author John Milton. Now Paris Milton must travel through time to figure out how to reverse the body meld. Watch as this modern day odd couple tries to cope with fashion, religion and high school through out time!

"Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing." -Robert Benchley
"It is the must see gender bender show of the year" -New York Time
"Bill and Ted just got a sexy overhaul" -Skittles

3am on UPN every Sunday night.