Clown Porn

Advert your eyes fair children and gentle ladies for what you will see here is nothing more than the most insane pictures you'll ever lay eyes upon! From the minds of psychopaths who only get sexually aroused through scaring themselves, I bring you porn clowns...(gasps, howls and a kazoo).

Where most people find themselves completely flaccid (happens to women too, right?) at the sight of the most terrifying thing on earth, others can only get off on it! Did you see the movie It? I hide from clowns to this day, unsettling.
Herbert the Pervert Clown, in his earlier work

The most notorious of the porn clowns is Herbert the Pervert Clown, born in 1975. He was brought up as any child would be with no parents and an ability to juggle, by the circus. Herbert, at age 12, started doing pain killers. When he was 14 was arrested for "unsportsmanlike conduct" for throwing a unicycle at another contestant, fracturing his skull. After a few other arrests (mainly for drugs), Herbert was kicked out of the circus. Out of work he started whoring himself out on the internet. His pornographic exploits in a clown outfit gained a worldwide audience. His fame lead to several others following in his large red foot steps.

Mary the Fairy Clown

Gonzo "Dirty" Sanchez



The Good Life


Tiny's Taxi Service

Tired of scary taxi drivers asking you questions?
"How are you?"
"Where are you going?" 
"Is this it?"

At Tiny's Taxi Service we have taken the scary guy out of the taxi ride experience. Through years of research we found that if you have the most disturbed and frightening people wearing sock puppets, kids won't even be afraid of them. That is exactly what Tiny's Taxi Service has done! We take some of the most dangerous people out there: ex-convicts, 2nd degree murders and clowns. Then we mix in a sock puppet and put them in a taxi car. Thanks to hiring out of the prison and clown academy we have kept our fares the lowest in the city. Our customers have given some of the highest ratings on yelp! Not convinced? Check the reviews yourself!

"I cannot believe we made it there!"

"Where am I and why is this sock talking to me?"

"I was blown.."

Let's Go Tiny's Taxi Service!