Tiny's Laundry Service

Tired of laundry services that can actually find out things about you through your dirty clothes? Tiny's Laundry Service fixes that, cavemen don't understand fashion or clothing. We only charge ten dollars a load because cavemen use what the laundry industry calls "Brute Force" to clean clothes. This effective, eco-friendly, cheaper way to clean clothes has revolutionized the way we think about fabric cleaning. And with our drop-off/pick-up service all you have to do is leave your laundry right outside your door.

Also, look in your laundry section for Tiny's "Brute Force" Detergent! For those who have a washer and dryer.


Drinker Biddle

(Blow the picture up to see the nervousness)

Trying to get a job is never easy but sneaking into a law firm just to apply and take some pictures makes it that much more. Have a name handy that you can tell the security guards. Then when you get inside, explain who you are (or not) and what you're trying to achieve. I gave up on trying to apply and just told them that I am here to take pictures. Found out about the legend of the security guard with the bulge in his pants though...


Misleading TItle

It seems that boredom is upon us, we must defeat this epidemic!


Why Some Foods Explode!?

What if there was a Facebook add-on that would rate X-boyfriend/girlfriends like yelp rates places. The site rates the person on things like fun-ness to egotism to sexual experience? This creates a better world because people will want to have a nice rating when they break up with someone. Where the Facebook put our identities on the internet, this will bring us to accountability for our actions...?