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Bath Music

Ever been in the bath or shower and thought why isn't there an album just dedicated to me cleaning myself? Why hasn't Now That's What I Call Music made a mix tape that fixes my needs of grooving out while showering?  Well now you can with Now That's What I Bathing Music.

Since ancient times humans have loved to get funky in hot water and with new technologies you can get funky without anyone else.

Here are some samples of Now That's What I Bathing Music:

Outkast - So Fresh, So Clean
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire
Chuck Berry - Johnny B Dirty
Ice Cube - I'll Make you Wet
Bach - I Can't Hear You When I'm in the Bathroom!
.....And Much Much More!


Osama Bin Laden




Speaking Of Which...

Tired of the conversation at hand? Annoyed at a whole nation bringing up shit about your rule? Fed up with not having others talk about yourself? Well have no fear! There is a new style of speech that will help you talk about you with others.

Just start all your conversation changers with the words "Speaking of which" and then say something like, "I don't remember the last time I went to an Olive Garden!" Viola, you are back at the center of topic.


Drinks Don't Make You Fat!

....It is what you eat while you're intoxicated! I feel Alcohol has gotten a bad rap for being a fattening agent in our culture.

I subscribe to the theory that  if it doesn't stick to your body then it won't get you fat. So pour that Cosmopolitan, that peanut and jelly sandwich and those french fries on you.  Obviously, The Cosmo is the least fattening of the bunch. Go out there and stick it to your belly and see for yourself what is really causing the weight gain.


The Klan Kleans!

Tired of all those black smudges on your white walls/tiles/bathrooms? Well its time to employ the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan's deep hatred of black smudges will simmer that smear right off.  Made of complete organic hatred, you can be sure its safe for whitey.

Have a spot? Reach for the Klan!


Kids Toys

I believe that society has wasted too much energy on children. Honestly, they are mostly a waste of space until they grow up and start producing for our wonderful country.  America is in trouble and I believe that we need to stop focusing on our future, children, they can deal with their future when they need to, we got our own problems.

That's why I suggest that we go back to the golden age of children's toys, the 1950's, when toys were simple: Hula Hoops, Pogo Sticks and Yo-Yo's. I suggest that kids companies only be allowed to produce these toys and a few that I thought pertinent to my childhood:

  • Pointed Stick
  • Large Box

With only these toys on the markets our children will be happy and we won't be wasting any more time on their dumb asses. Thank you and goodnight.


Caffeinated Doctors!

A new sitcom is coming to NBC and let me be the first to break the news! Caffeinated Doctors, Thursdays at 10/9c. This show is what you get when you put the dramatic stylings of ER, Grey's Anatomy and Doogie Howser, M.D. and mix it with Red bulls, 4Lokos, and coffee.

What do you get?

Drugged up, short-fused, sex-crazed characters who won't even be able to preform their duties correctly. Watch as the main character, Timothy, trashes an Operation Room after a botched surgery from an over dose of caffeine. And all the while, nurses, Niki and Tina, don't know that they have the Clap from Timothy...who maybe drugging them for profit! Also, there is a terrorist attack, could it be one of the doctors?

All this and more on Caffeinated Doctors this Thursday on the first episode of the edgiest doctor show ever....Take that Nurse Jackie.


Beach City

Some photos courtesy of Simona Luisa Mariotto Photography.


We've been experiencing...

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Don't worry, we have a crack team on it.

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Sponsored AGAIN!

Well right off the success of my Gentlemen Jack sponsorship comes Stubb's BBQ sauce. Stubb is a strong proponent of the Limbless Community as he only has a head. I dare you to find a picture of more than just his head! Stubb felt that his success in the main stream wasn't as important as his popularity in the amputee community and that's where I enter in. Being the one and only source for limbless people worldwide, it is easy to see why Stubb came to me. Note: don't look Stubb in the eyes.

In other news, my dog is joining our community, he has a complication with his toe will have it removed tomorrow. Welcome, No-Toe-Beau



Well dear readers It has finally happened, I am officially sponsored by Gentleman Jack! Loved by cheap whiskey drinkers everywhere, Jack Daniels has decided to break into a new demographic.

When Daniels was looking for a spokesman for their new line, they wanted something in the line with the Dois Equis ads, enter Limbless Jack. These are some of the ads that will be hitting bench seats around the world!

If you are a company looking for Limbless Jack, just contact me at through the comments page.


2011: Sidewalks of the Future!

 Welcome to 2011! Remember how you used to walk? It just got you from point A to point B...lame as that purple stuff next to Sunny D.

As you can see in Fig. 1 Rembrandt walks on the Energy Absorbing Panel (EAP) which takes the force from his weight landing on the sidewalk panel and transfers it to a battery. The battery can power whatever one chooses, but most feasibly is light.

Fig. 1
This could be great for businesses: they could place their EAP outside their store, or anywhere in the business, that there is a lot of foot traffic. Then sit back as their power bill gets cut down to size. For example if you own a dance club and install the Energy Absorbing Panels on the dance floor. With every dancer producing 2 to 20 watts every time a panel is decompressed; you will see your energy bill become non-existant.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!