Gilroy police look for homeless man accused of attack with sword

Gilroy police are looking for a 52-year-old homeless man who they say attacked a homeless Kevin Costner look-a-like with a sword. If you see a homeless man with a sword, keep your distance and contact the authorities. The Kevin Costner look-a-like could not be reached for comment.

Similar attacks are happening all across the US.


W. Of Orange

Well, I haven't been honest with you, my closest friends, I have a love...an addiction...to Orange! I am sorry for keeping secrets from you internet, I promise to keep telling you everything. Now, I didn't notice my addiction until I moved out from under my parents reign. The Orange, it calls to me and I say yes every time. Then I eat it. So there you have it, a direct connection between, color, love and food! I have just solved life's major mystery. So without any further ado, my eating habits in no particular order and a list of Orange Citrus Fruits:

  • Mac and Cheese (Kraft only)
  • American Cheese
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cheetos
  • Oranges (currently eating 5 a day)

 Navel Orange - is a lovely orange color, delicious, easily peeled, seedless fruit. It is produced by this medium sized tree and recognized as one of the sweetest oranges ever developed. The tree offers fragrant flowers in spring and beautiful foliage year round. Note: stole some from a neighbors tree on vacation at a friends...be sneaky my friends!

Valencia Orange - Juice anyone?  These oranges are known for their flavorful and colorful juice. Natives of Florida, this fruit has a higher content of vitamin A compared with other citruses.

Mineola Tangerine- A new favorite, these have taken the world by storm.  They are a cross between a Tangerine and a grapefruit. There are actually several types of mixes between a tangerine and other citrus.

Mandarin Orange-  These have a pleasant enough flavor, but their big asset is that they come out of their peels and segment easily, so you can eat them in your good clothes (Tuxedo T-shirt).  Varieties include the popular tangerine, the seedy but juicy Honey Tangerine or Murcott, the Satsuma Orange, the sweet and tiny Clementine Orange, and the seedy and orange-flavored Temple Orange.  Personally the easiest to carry around and eat. I take these to bars and trade the bartender for a beer (aka use them for a "tip").

 Fun Facts/Traditions From Wikipedia

  • Orange trees are a symbol of love and marriage in many cultures. Oranges are sometimes found in Renaissance paintings of married couples. One of the most famous is Jan van Eyck's "Wedding Portrait of the Arnolfini".
  • Brides traditionally wear orange blossoms in their hair or carry them in their bouquet at their wedding. Orange blossoms are often part of the decoration on a wedding cake.
  • Queen Victoria was given a coronet of gold and enamel orange blossoms by her husband Albert. When their children were born, he had a jeweller add tiny green oranges to the coronet.
  • If an orange is peeled with a knife, it is possible to cut the peel off in one long unbroken piece. 
  • Schoolgirls in some countries chant a rhyme, and throw the long orange peel over their shoulder, then look at how it falls to find the initial letter of the name of the boy that loves them.
  • In some countries, "blood oranges" are seen as a symbol of the death of Jesus.
  • In some European countries, a "Christingle" is a Christmas decoration using an orange and a candle to symbolise Jesus' love for the world.
  • In cold countries, when fruit was scarce, an orange was often given at Christmas. In England, it was traditional to stuff the toe of a child's Christmas stocking with raisins, almonds and oranges.
  • Oranges are sometimes used to make a sweet-smelling "pomander" to perfume a room. This is done by sticking the stalks of cloves into an orange, and allowing the orange to dry out.
  • Orange jam is called "Marmalade". Traditionally, it is said to have been first made for Mary Queen of Scots or Marie Antoinette when they were sick. Neither of these stories is true, as marmalade was made in Portugal for many years before either of them was born.The term "marmalade", originally meaning a quince jam ("marmelada" in Portuguese), derives from the Portuguese word for this fruit marmelo.


World Cup 2010: South Africa

Well it is that time again! The groups have been chosen and now is the time for you to choose the winner. Will you pick the safe bet? Your home team? That one team with that hot dude?

So lets get down to brass tacks:

  • You can only enter the pool once.
  • It is $10.00 per person.
  • The deadline is June 9th, 2010. 
 I know your thinking that man that seems like its really really far away, but I want to get everyone involved. So get your Hamilton's out and lets get this party moving. Without any further ado, here is the PDF file for the World Cup 2010. Fill it out and send it back with $10 bucks and you'll be set.


Could it be, Could it be?

Bar Bathroom
The wall breathed
Running at Night
Saw strange thing scurry by my feet
Work Bathroom
Saw a baby snake crawling up my shirt

H1Are you sick?N1
Doodoo butter is on the rise...
BirdCan I drool in your hair?Swine
It must be that conesgoo...
Mon Petite chou,
I think you have the Flu.