Well dear readers It has finally happened, I am officially sponsored by Gentleman Jack! Loved by cheap whiskey drinkers everywhere, Jack Daniels has decided to break into a new demographic.

When Daniels was looking for a spokesman for their new line, they wanted something in the line with the Dois Equis ads, enter Limbless Jack. These are some of the ads that will be hitting bench seats around the world!

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2011: Sidewalks of the Future!

 Welcome to 2011! Remember how you used to walk? It just got you from point A to point B...lame as that purple stuff next to Sunny D.

As you can see in Fig. 1 Rembrandt walks on the Energy Absorbing Panel (EAP) which takes the force from his weight landing on the sidewalk panel and transfers it to a battery. The battery can power whatever one chooses, but most feasibly is light.

Fig. 1
This could be great for businesses: they could place their EAP outside their store, or anywhere in the business, that there is a lot of foot traffic. Then sit back as their power bill gets cut down to size. For example if you own a dance club and install the Energy Absorbing Panels on the dance floor. With every dancer producing 2 to 20 watts every time a panel is decompressed; you will see your energy bill become non-existant.

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