I mean you should be able to trust someone that close to you, but it just a loose cannon. I mean it's like they are perpetually wasted. I know, I know this is an old topic, the Right versus the Left. What does it matter what side you're on; we all have the same problem. Your weak arm is going to get you killed.  It would never be able to throw away something potentially dangerous to your body...like a bomb. Also it twitches uncontrollably all the time and that cannot be good in life and death situations, such as a duel.  And lets not even think if you need to pull yourself up from a cliff with your lesser arm. Personally, I say cut it off and end the battle of the Right vs. the Left and show everyone you are determined to take the power back.


Nomads OK

Ehh, I would like to thank everyone that is now contributing to my life style, What up bitches I'm on unemployment and now I have an inkling about crack...the waiting around for the next score. To curb my jitters, I am sending to you guys some good ole 90's rock band. They used to have a site where you could just take the music down yourself, but sadly it seems to have been taken down. So I'm putting it back out there! Enjoy it on your way to work suckers...


Trouble A-Head

It was cold out, the wind was blowing out from the east. My companions couldn’t keep up. I fear soon we will run out of food, I will have to kill one in their sleep and convince the others to eat him. After my trip to Wal-Mart ended, lets just say things got a little weird.