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Stump: Where is He Now?

When I met stump, I thought man that kid was going places...I was only 9, but an excellent judge of character. Sadly his career didn't take off after Angry Beavers ended. We don't know where stump is now, but this is a petition to get him back on the television! Who the hell is stump? I am sure some of my dear readers are asking, well wikipedia says,

Stump: Stump is a tree stump that Norbert met. He introduced Stump to the other creatures of the forest in the episode, Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner. Stump often moves on his own while he is off-screen. In Brothers...To The End?, he is seen drinking punch with the others, which was the first time Stump actually moved on screen.

There are others, Oxnard Montalvo, B-actor, Barry Bear and of course Daggett and Norbert.  So kids and adults alike, get on your netflix account and start watching them (instantly) before they disappear all over again!


July 4th

Some of the photos are from Cheyenne


And So it Goes

Spain verses Netherlands, who knew that the war would finally see a winner! Many Americans probably think that these teams wouldn't be a rivalry, but oh how wrong you would be to say that to a Spanish or Dutch native. They have been in an off again on again war since 1568! Although many treaties has been signed and the war "technically" ended in  1609, with the Treaty of M√ľnster. This Sunday all will be determined and maybe La Furia Roja will finally get back their precious  Crotch-lands. Well hopefully not- GOOOOOOOOO ORANJE! (seriously I have been supporting orange for 3 years now and imperialism is wrong).