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AN End of AN Era

I recently was watching a McDonald's commercial and then I realized I felt no hunger for their burgers! Was I hungry? Always! So what was the problem with me? (unclear) But I found that it wasn't me (although it was). It is that M-to-the-cD is not (Dun DUN Dunnnn!) advertising to me (whiteys, honkeys, crackers, etc.).

I no longer hunger for happy meal meat, the massacred potatoes and paper tasting veggies! Now I'm not mad/sad, 'I am lovin' it' that it can be taken over by the other cultures. It is just like in the Roman times, when the barbarians started taking over the bath house and then Rome itself.

So in conclusion fall, fail, common (veni, vedi, vici)!


I'm too High, but I haven't left the ground

I must walk in the same shoes as pumas, it is the only way to understand.


Packages and UPS

I have recently quit my job at UPS and because I will forget it all and want to tell the world what a rip off all packaging companies are...this is what I learn-ed.


  • UPS ground is the always the cheapest, there is Next day, 2 day, 3 day and finally Ground.
  • If you have several things to send pack them into the biggest box possible, it will be cheaper to send less bigger items than a bunch of lighter/smaller ones.
  • Always check the rates online, there are three rates for UPS for each speed (except Ground), so when you go in you will know for a fact which is cheaper.
  • Islands have no 3 day, they call it ground but charge you like its three day (e.g. sending to Hawaii).
  • If you have a package that is over 300 lbs and/or bigger than 4ft cubed, the cheapest is to send it Freight. If you call the UPS store they will charge you more and all they have to do is call a special guy to pick it up. Note: Usually UPS Freight is usually more expensive than Yellow Freight (go check out both). Freight is great for moving, just put all your stuff in one giant box.
  • UPS owns DHL
  • UPS is safer than USPS for some foreign countries with troublesome customs, such as Indonesia. They might just open your package or charge more when it gets there. But it will be ten times more expensive.
  • If you plan on sending documents they have free envelopes, actually every service from Fedex to DHL offer free packages.
  • UPS charges a fee to USPS mail, like stamps are currently .42 cents, but UPS charges .50 cents for a stamp.
  • You will always save money if you go to the post office and send things there.
  • Media rate is probably the cheapest if you cannot keep it in the first class range (regular mail).
  • USPS uses Fedex to send everything now.
  • Priority Mail is the best feature from shipping. They have envelopes that are a flat rate of $4.80 in all the US. Outside the US it still is one of the cheapest, it is also the fastest. Although it will get their next day in the same time zone and usually 2 days anywhere in the US. Priority flat rate usually goes with Express (USPS fastest shipping), they are put in the same bins.
  • USPS works in generalities, so nothing is going to get there on an exact day.
  • Parcel Post is like UPS ground, and it depends on the package for which is the cheaper.
  • Normal letters going international are $.94
  • You can add special items to your USPS mail, like certified mail or senders receipt for additional charge.
  • Make it tight, if you can push the box in easily, it will be a mess by the time it arrives. Another problem is just clothes in a box, the box will break when its stacked.
  • Don't buy boxes, just go to stores and ask for them, they will give you them for free.
  • Never use those plastic bins.
    • THEY HATE THOSE and they don't stay closed
  • You can cap a box by taping a box of similar size on top of the other.
  • To make a box smaller cut the box with a razor once so the skin of the cardboard has a line and then fold. Repeat until all sides are collapsible.


The Chicken and the Egg

For too long now the chicken or the egg question has been on top of the metaphors about which came first, until now! We are no longer 20th century and neither should our metaphors, so I give you the 21st mantra. Cucumber or cumbersome, which came first? Was it that Cucumbers were such a pain for cave man to carry and thus the word cumbersome was born or vice-a-versa? Or was it like "uggh this is one cumbersome gourd...some cu-cumber?!"

Welcome future, you're Welcome.