Dress For Success

Lately my blog fans have been asking me, "Hey LimblessJack, what kind of pajamas do you wear to bed?"
My response is always the same, "I don't wear Pansy Pajamas son, I dress for success IN BED!" That's right, I wear doctor scrubs to bed. You never know when you're in the dreamland and in the land of the awaken-ed doing S.W.S. (Sleep-Walking Surgery). But what if you don't live near those hospitable hospital, have you ever thought of wearing a business suit to bed? If you haven't then you haven't been thinking. You could be out there para-legalizing, secretarialing or Jehovah's witnessing, completely ignorant of the great civic service you are doing for your community. One of my friends dresses up in army uniform before he hits the sack, I assume he fights the good fight all the while getting a good night sleep. (no one in his immediate neighborhood has died).

In China it seems that you must have awesome space shoes to sleep walk, I suggest following suit and getting some space shoes, cause flying makes travel easier in your sleep. Avoid wear LA or DA when going to bed though.

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