Tiny's Laundry Service

Tired of laundry services that can actually find out things about you through your dirty clothes? Tiny's Laundry Service fixes that, cavemen don't understand fashion or clothing. We only charge ten dollars a load because cavemen use what the laundry industry calls "Brute Force" to clean clothes. This effective, eco-friendly, cheaper way to clean clothes has revolutionized the way we think about fabric cleaning. And with our drop-off/pick-up service all you have to do is leave your laundry right outside your door.

Also, look in your laundry section for Tiny's "Brute Force" Detergent! For those who have a washer and dryer.


Rachel S said...

I used Brute Force and not only were my clothes ripped to shreds, but they smell worse than before!

Mary Standish said...

I believe that this would be a great business for you, especially during hard times for America. Dooo it.