2011: Sidewalks of the Future!

 Welcome to 2011! Remember how you used to walk? It just got you from point A to point B...lame as that purple stuff next to Sunny D.

As you can see in Fig. 1 Rembrandt walks on the Energy Absorbing Panel (EAP) which takes the force from his weight landing on the sidewalk panel and transfers it to a battery. The battery can power whatever one chooses, but most feasibly is light.

Fig. 1
This could be great for businesses: they could place their EAP outside their store, or anywhere in the business, that there is a lot of foot traffic. Then sit back as their power bill gets cut down to size. For example if you own a dance club and install the Energy Absorbing Panels on the dance floor. With every dancer producing 2 to 20 watts every time a panel is decompressed; you will see your energy bill become non-existant.

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