Caffeinated Doctors!

A new sitcom is coming to NBC and let me be the first to break the news! Caffeinated Doctors, Thursdays at 10/9c. This show is what you get when you put the dramatic stylings of ER, Grey's Anatomy and Doogie Howser, M.D. and mix it with Red bulls, 4Lokos, and coffee.

What do you get?

Drugged up, short-fused, sex-crazed characters who won't even be able to preform their duties correctly. Watch as the main character, Timothy, trashes an Operation Room after a botched surgery from an over dose of caffeine. And all the while, nurses, Niki and Tina, don't know that they have the Clap from Timothy...who maybe drugging them for profit! Also, there is a terrorist attack, could it be one of the doctors?

All this and more on Caffeinated Doctors this Thursday on the first episode of the edgiest doctor show ever....Take that Nurse Jackie.

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Simona Luisa said...

i love shaky handed doctors...... it's comforting really :)