The Drop

"So where we gonna do this?"
"Yeah, $10,000 sound good?"
"Make it $12,000 and we have got a deal."
"OK, your guy will be at the place we discussed."
"Yep, but what about the bag?"
"What about it?"
"Well in the movies they always have the same bag."
"I think we should discuss which bag we are gonna get"
"I am not shelling out for a nice bag, this is costing me too much already."
"OK, OK, I'm going to amazon right now, I will buy you one too. What's your address?"
"What the hell is wrong with you, I am not giving you my address!"
"Alright, well what's your email address, I'll send you the--"
"No, jesus then you know where I live....That's it the deals off"

Tumi: Classic bags sold worldwide, for any sort of trade you're into.


Rachel S said...

Well what a provocative advertisement! Welcome back to the internet, Wardo.

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