Once again I am on my own. I scourer the craigslist, most of the jobs I see are boring and uninteresting. Point: I like money, not really, I like its properties-now I have the cow power!(Dowry)
So unless someone sees this blog and wants to hire me , it looks like all kids are in threat. Yes, that's right I am going into ransoming! And you can too!
You know the drill, let me spell it out for you.

Number One- Get kid (should look wealthy)
Number Two- Sell kid (back to parents or foreign companies)
Number Three- get the cow!
Notes: remember to feed kid, not get caught, accept cash only, and have your own look! For me its this(AKA The Bubble Snatcher), but a someone I truly admire in the field, who has broken all the rules and has become a star in ransoming, just known as the bunny, hats off, hats on out...

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