Oh, I Know Him!

And I'm sure everyone is reading this thinking I know him. That's presidential hopeful Barack Obama. I have no doubt that it is senator Barack Obama, but I have come to the recent conclusion that Obama is not who he says he is!(dun dun duhnnn) No, I know who "Obama" really is, a friend of mine actually, lets call him John. John (seen here) is not only a dead ringer, but has a motive for becoming a democratic candidate, to destroy it from the inside. John is a sneaky fellow, that's why we bury him in sand; he is a neo-conservative and a die-hard at that (favorite color green). At age ten he organized a strike against arts and crafts time because it pushed liberal ideals and was a waste of tax payers money. He quickly turned the strike in to the authorities because, "they were a bunch of pinko's." From then on John's crusade grew, attacking "hippies" at Kerry speeches, and setting Republican Clubs up in several cities(Sign is Aquarius, but a Leo at heart). John's latest attempt is an interesting move, dressing up as a African-American seems strange. But when you look it in the grand scheme it makes perfect sense. He wins either way, he makes President of the USA, or he loses it for the Republicans, which is a win for him. So I say, vote for Barack Houssien Obama (man the name choice is so perfect, similar to Sadam and Osama's), he will get things done! So cheers John!


Mary Standish said...

Ah I feel ridiculously original right now since I was the one to say that John Boyd is the white version of Barack Obama! Remember that, remember?! It was during primaries.
I like this blog post because it is funny because it is true!

Mary Standish said...
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