Let's Get the Ball Rolling

In a world where few people know what/who they I have recently come to a conclusion. That I am in fact one of the four horsemen, it wasn't my choice but I kept having these voices telling me that I would end the world when I was a lad. These very same voices told me that I would die young, in my twenties as an alternative to the whole apocalyptic job. I actually bet someone that I would die young, although I don't know how he is gonna get money. Anyway, what I am trying to say that I want my friend to win. You must kill me, or if you have the power of Constantine (Keanu Reeves), that would be acceptable.

Now I know what you're thinking, you'll come off as insane . Killing some random person and claiming to "have killed the fourth horseman!" But it's perfect, you have insanity on your side. So my up-and-coming assassin, show me what you can do! Cause I ain't going down without a fight.

A friendly reminder from the fourth horseman.

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Anonymous said...

R u a chick or a dude bc A)it's horseman not horsewomen duh and the fact that u had mysterious voices saying u were gunna end the world.... um yeah u should probably back that up with some real evidence either than u going loco.