6.6 degrees!

It is official we are about 7 people away from EVERYONE (and Kevin Bacon). Do you realize what this means reader? We have to move out of the planet! Do you really want people knowing you? Do you really want to join that facebook club? Do you really want to be the same? Not me, I say it's time to go Columbus all over the moon/mars ass. Hell, just for the sake of it we will call the next planet we colonize: west earthies.

I'm sure there some people out there that think this is great...Butts. These people don't realize that they are stealing your life force, they make you like them, they take your originality, you are becoming watered down by your friends. Do you want to be diet coke? Tulta munille!

Comment of the Week
"You know limbless, you and Alf are the exact same except Alf eats cats."

Wrong again.

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teh drue said...

speaking of minimizing conceptual separation...

i'm still formatting a proper response to the philosophical notion of "what I think of you"