Your Future

It has become painfully obvious that the Zodiacs of the past are no longer relevant to us today, Roman or Chinese. When was the last time you looked at a Taurus/Ox and thought of course that's me? Hell I think we need to turn to a different kind of stars, TV Stars. Seinfeld is what I am talking about people! People go watch that show, maybe you don't like it (that's cool) but we all know what you are talking about when you declare that you are "An Elaine." Lets break it down:

Jerry Seinfeld -Intelligent, down to earth and a firm belief in the law. You have a problem of focusing on little issues, while missing the grander scheme. Often very sociable, you keep a close group of friends which you rarely veer from. For October (Season 3): you find yourself comfortable with your own bubble but you should try and break out, even if some people drive you nuts. Like waiting for your name to be called at a Chinese restaurant, just be patient!

George Costanza - Very successful, quick to anger, and cunning. Although successful they never feel like they have never fully achieved in life. A George is spontaneous and shrewd. For October (Season 2) Keep yourself on the same track, things are fine, don't change just because your boss will not allow you to use his personal bathroom. If you make a major change in your life, you will regret it immediately (and you might slip someone a mickey).

Elaine Benes - You are honest, smart, and assertive. You have tendencies to become superficial at times, which one must always be wary of. Also you can get in trouble for your honesty. For October (Season 8) You are coming down from a strange relation but must be wary to do what you love in public! Keep yourself from new friends with that dance of yours.

Cosmo Kramer - Creative, naive, and child-like at times. Altough strange to many, a Kramer can bring gems of insight. For October (Season 9) You find yourself angry with certian aspects of your life, but then come to an appifiny, a garbage disposal in your shower! So don't worry about being down, something will move you to stay in the shower.

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Mary Standish said...

I am quite a supporter of this post. What would I be? Jerry? Doubt it.
You are Kramer with a little bit of Seinfeld.
Mum is Elaine.
Beau is Kramer.
Dad is George/Seinfeld.