As of recently I have been getting fan mail, pleading me to super impose a picture of themselves on a baby with a famous person. Well for a small fee, I will create a super imposed picture of you as a baby with celebrities. Don't take my word, hear what my happy customers have to say!
"I couldn't believe the level of detail!"
"A picture that proves they are my parents!"
"Finally could shut him up!"
"Two peas in a pod!"
"My Friends don't get it!"

So sign up today! If you sign up within 3 days of seeing this post, I will throw in an extra special gift, Bacon Bits Cheese Milkshake! Or you can just make it at home, take a cheese packet from a Mac 'n Cheese box and mix it in milk, top with some bacon bits and you've got a nutritious on-the-go beverage!


Mary said...

Haha Boyd hand kissing Barack is legendary.
Is that Eric as Selma Hayek's baby? Because that almost looked real hahaha.
Oh I love copy and paste.

Rachel S said...

Tasteful, Ward. I like the last one the best.

Ryan Villarreal said...

You'll be hearing from my lawyer.