Major Tom? Are you There?

The campsite had become a mess from all the commotion, but it was now desolate. The makeshift gauze pads were soaked in blood, crusty. For two days, the little boy had watched as his older brother’s energy had slowly left. The wind brought in the smell of pine and a crispness; night was approaching.

The younger brother got to his feet, he grabbed his brother’s jacket. How different his brother was: helpless, weak, and withered. He turned and walked into the woods. His legs started to move faster and faster, he felt free, happy almost. His brother’s jacket became a cape as he dashed through the trees. How long would it take him to catch up?

The mountain of trees had clouds of fog dabbed here and there, like whip cream had splattered from the heavens. The fog starts to pull all together into strings and the spaces in-between become dark. The gray longhaired man’s face appears out of the hillside. His face is haggard and scrapped up, yet he is not that old. He is whispering, but no words are heard. The imagine leaves the boy and is replaced with large white words,


The boy kept running, it wouldn’t be long now. Suddenly he comes upon the bottom of a cliff, trapped! There is a giant hangar door on the side of the wall, the little boy is in shock, “What the hell?” cursing for the first time in his life. The view slowly pans from the boy’s face to his feet. A pair of man’s feet slowly and loudly walks up to the kid’s feet. “CRAAACK”, the boy’s body collapses and the gray haired man’s feet step over the body towards the giant door.

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Rachel S said...

Is this one of your highly cinematic dreams, Wardo?