The Gray Catbird

Named for its cat like "mew" it cries when it feels threatened, but it has the most beautiful singing voice. George Harrison states that the catbird sounds like it "Sings Chinese." The songs are to attract female into the dark shrubbery that the males reside in.
A relative of the mocking bird, which would explain the odd noises of the catbird. The catbird is of medium-sized bird, with a black cap and dark red under tail.
Their nests are built low to the ground in dark recesses of a shrub with twigs, vines and leaves. The female will lay 4 blue eggs into their concealed nest.

How to Attract:
  • Grow shrubberies, vines and fruit plants
  • Sugar water
  • Water (bird bath)
  • Insects
  • Brush piles
Next Week:
We will look at the Tufted Titmouse...Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Ok

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Mary said...

I'm delighted you've chosen this great photo of a Gray Catbird by Hart Rufe from the St. Lucie (FL) Audubon web site (http://stlucieaudubon.org ), but would appreciate your giving the site and photographer credit.

Thanks, Mary Dodge, webmaster