Welcome folks to the game show that is taking the country by storm! We would to thank everyone who has been supporting our show and a special shout out to Harold for all his contributions.  So for those of you who don't know how this game works, it's very simple, we will show three wounds. And you will have to....
GUESS                  THAT                  WOUND!!!

This first picture is an easy one folks. Our judges are waiting by for your call. If you can correctly guess the cause of this injury, you can move onto the next and closer to that 100 million!

Ahhhh-lright viewers it looks like it is a lil more challenging this time around, keep in mind that you only get one guess when you call in.

And there you have it folks, the last picture! Can you....GUESS    THAT    WOUND?  From all of us at Guess That Wound, we would like to thank you for watching and join us next week when the winners from this round compete head to head for that $100 million prize!

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