Toonces: His Story

Toonces was born on May 20th,  1983 with 7 other brothers and sisters. Many said he was different from the litter; he liked to do things that he wasn't very good at. At age 3 months and a half, Toonces decided to go a different route, he joined the Air Force to fight in the Grenada Conflict.

Toonces was dishonorably discharged for reckless behavior after only 2 months of service. He returned to the states and became a house cat, but he had shell shock and couldn't shake it. He turned to driving: recklessly. This caught the attention of Lorne Micheals, producer of the late night show, Saturday Night Live. Toonces was an instant hit, his skits were one of the few that were actually funny on the show during that time. But Toonces wanted to branch out, he was tired of being just the butt of jokes, but he had become type cast. He turned to drugs, drinking and driving. Those who knew him by the end say it was the cat nip that really did him in and yellow walls.

Toonces plays table tennis

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