Bears in the Office


We here in California are having a hell of a time: the states bankruptcy, threats of earthquakes, a gas fire raging through San Bruno, but it seems there is a new threat to California....Bears in the office!! No, no, no, I am not talking about burly gay men(they've been there the whole time), but American Grizzlys and Brown Bear roaming our fine golden state offices. Now I admit that I haven't seen a bear in the office, but lets look at the facts:

  • Jill's lunch went missing
  • The odd dents in the walls around the office
  • The Staff room is a mess
  • The faint smell of redwoods
  • The addition of complex tops to trash cans around the office
  • Poop
Dare I say these are crafty bears. The closer we get to the dead of winter the more I feel tired, as if their hibernation is contagious. So for my employed readers, Take Heed! We are in a struggle for our lives and offices.

On a side note, I would like to tell take a moment to tell you about teeth. Now I know my last post was about teeth and I know teeth are cool these days. Just realize that there is a dark side to teeth. Did you know that 95% of all bitings injuries are caused by teeth?

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