The Future

The Future is coming and along with it: time travel! Sadly the Hadron Collider won't be the one who breaks down the dilemmas we have with transporting through history.
Gerry Lopez surfing
The inventor is alive today and has already developed the time machine, his name is Gerry Lopez. He is a famous surfer and currently the only proven man to travel through time, although many believe there are others. He found with the right type of wave and board combination that he could travel forward and back in time.
Gerry Lopez in barbarian times
After some debate, Lopez decided to give his idea (partially) to the world. The catch is that you can only use his time travel machine to surf in the past.

Entering the Time Warp
Gerry's philosophy is that the future will be better if people can surf without crowds and that is exactly what his company is doing. Cosmic Surfers Inc. has a heavy screening process for time travel. But don't despair they let Limbless Jack in! 

Here is a list of famous surfers that have taken the "trip":

  • Gerry Lopez
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Michelangelo charging hard 
  • Silver Surfer
  • Limbless Jack
  • Bill and Ted
Next Week: Limbless Jack explains the dangers of surfing with a pterodactyl and how to get gum out of your hair in prehistory.

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