Sex By Surprise

Has this happened to you?

"Are you here to kill me?"
"No I am here to rape you"

Julian Assange, CEO wikileaks has been in the news a lot lately, mainly for rape or as the swedish say, "Sex by Surprise," but the real story has yet to surface. After an in depth investigation by yours truly, I have discovered a secret organization of rape assassins.

This sex by surprise assassin organization dates back centuries ago, to the time of the crusades. The organization was formed to discredit "pure" crusaders, this was especially effective during the kids crusade.  Assange was obviously attacked by these professional rape assassins....twice.

Known worldwide, the rape assassins have soiled the names of some of the most famous, rich and powerful people. Their latest victim being Assange, I felt it was only right to bring this atrocity to the forefront.  Nevermind the bullocks, wikileaks will be releasing a bomb early 2011 on Bank of America.

On a lighter note, Christmas is here and I would just like to share with everyone the best Christmas movie: Die Hard.

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