Problem Solved!

I hate pizza, I'll eat it yes, but I hate it. Pizza is everywhere and everyone eats it, they love it. One night dear reader, while wearing my doctors outfit, I realized that pizza causes cancer! Do the math, I hate it, a lot of people eat it and a lot of people get cancer, thus pizza causes cancer. Lets do the math
People = P
Pizza = p
P x p = Peepee
P + p = Cancer

So reader make the connection, do you hate something? Red capes? You may be a bull, just keep your eyes open for these disease hate connections, the life you could be saving...well in my case I was already safe, but it might be your own.
Next Week: Jack writes to celebrities, will they respond? Fireworks: why always up? Black lung or black boogers? You decide!


Theladymrshoneybunny said...

Dear LimblessJack,

I too hate pizza. It's gross and I have to pretend that I already finished my slice at office parties (all of which seem to have pizza, except for the one I got to organize which had Ethiopian food, yum).

glad to know we're both eating something else!

Limbless Jack said...

good for you! I just assumed I would get a bunch of hate filled (and hurtful) comments