Are you a Prancer?

Did you realize that women dream about horses? It's true! Google "horse" and the first thing you see is these two pictures.

That is right, they want horses and they want their man to be a horse: strong, elegant, cute and ride-able. Now like most men they probably have some of those qualities, its just we didn't know how we were being judged. How could I have missed this? So fathers of the world, realize that when your little daughter asks for a "pony" just interpret it as "boy toy." Boys, Shave the sides of your head and get shoes that clack!


Rachel S said...

If this were true, I think they'd also want all of their men to have bangs.


Kitty M said...

Jack I have just nearly choked on my lunch reading this. Too too funny and too too true.

roslyn said...

"get shoes that clack!"

so good.