It was love that made want to seek out
It was love that made me see the infinite

I was reacquainted with my first crush (rainbow head). I was googling 'space gang shootings' and she came up. She is now some sort of famous Sci-fi girl, doing movies like Serenity and Stargate Atlantis. I remember when I fell for her and her brightly colored hairs. She was talking to her imaginary friend and using her super scream to solve the problems of the day (1996). Space Cases lead to other problems: schizophrenia, lose of fingers, crushes and virus ridden T-bears. The funny thing is I assumed I would start dating Catalina and that we would go on dates where we played with my legoes, cars or action figures (aka guys). Just had to avoid the body sized test tubes.

L-O-V-E and MC

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Mary Standish said...

Your first link doesn't work. But Sci-fi girl is totally cute. I didn't know she was your first crush, by the way. Learn something new everyday.