The C Factor

I have been worried about Chewie Lately, I mean the guy needs to take a stand, get on the late night show and speak out about furryness, lice and NAFTA. I mean if Robin Williams won't, who will? ..
_._..._.__. The blood in my eyes brings the future to the past. The scrape on my side is what becomes of marco polo.

I think its time readers, it time to give up on time. Time was nothing in the past, time is something you own now....How can this be? My time, your time? Time is going wrong for the human world. Da Bacca might have something to say...(no comment). Time is money, I have no interest...neither ways. Time keeps on slipping into the future.

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Christopher R. Garcia said...

"no Comment"haha any who, buy me a six pack and you got it! also I know the time for this has pass, but what did you think of the venture bros season 3 ending ?