They Come to Me in Threes

Thank you Attack of the Show for showing the world that geeks don't need to be ugly, that we do not have to quit our modeling day jobs! For too long now Das Models have been hiding their dweeb colors, fighting that urge to play video games and talking about the Hadron Collider. So thank you Olivia and Kevin and the rest of the crew at AOTS, for being like me: Funny, Geeky and most importantly good looking. You have paved the way.

Why d!d !7 7u2n 9233n? 7h3 p14nt5 814ck, 7h3 w4732 9r33n? 83!93 70 P4p32 wh!73 54nd...4nd 7h3 9!215: 7H3Y w4lk3d !n7o 7h3 84r...bu7 7h47 w45 n07 wh47 I 54w.

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