USPS Employee Newsletter (December)

Happy Holidays!

I hope all our dedicated staff is prepared for the flurry that is coming this month. We have automated many of the forwarding services to better cope with the high volume of packages that we will be dealing with this season. Theft is of utmost importance this year, we will not tolerate any theft of any kind. Anyone caught stealing will have their bonus check confiscated. As for safety this year: remember if it seems odd to you, REPORT IT. Also we would like to remind our employees that the cavalry armor is required by law to be worn at all times and the monthly visits to the Doctor for a CAT Scan.

In other news our hearts go out to the following districts:
41 Marietta st, Atlanta, GA
108 Salem st, Rutland, OH
2004 Freedom Blvd, Freedom, CA
30180 Redfield, Shafer, MN

Cut so short in their prime sorting years.

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