The War on Cynicism

The Anti-Cynics logo.

It seems that there are some botards out there, telling me that I am dumb for being cynical. How dare they call a war against my Cynicism (and all other cynics)? I think its time to rally people, use that sarcasm to the point where it seems like you cannot be trusted. Convert others to this (pointless) cause. Show them the way! Attack positive countries, like Brazil and Canada (man we are surrounded...That's the Attitude..uh oh). I mean the Greeks came up with Cynicism and although is has no bearing on what the word means now, we should up hold what they started. How can we lose? The dark side always wins, always drags the other side down to their level.

If you need further help, watch this educational video and write your thoughts down about it.

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Ryan Villarreal said...

Ward, I highly doubt that you are at all cynical.