Patrick Swayze's Return!

But Swazee is DEAD! I know, I know, but because Warner Brothers saw the potential in making a movie centered around dancing they brought Patrick Swayze back from the dead. As Step it Up and Step it Up 2: The Streets, saw huge profits, Warner Brothers wanted a taste. Forcing Swayze's corpse to sign a 5 year contract of exclusive work in exchange for his life. 

To raise Swayze from the dead, Warner Brothers had Native Americans revive them with their ancient powers. The only way Patrick could be revived is if he fully assimilated into the tribe. According to eye witness reports, Swayze has changed his name to Apache and looks like the picture to the left. Warner Brothers will be releasing the footage of his revival on UPN in a 12 part series.

After finishing the revival process, Apache was quickly sent to the studios to film a sequel to one of his most beloved films, Dirty Dancing 2: Dancing 2 Fornicate. As the title infers the movie will be dirtier and sexier. Coming out in 2011.

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