Sweat the Pits

Have sweaty armpits? It's the....worst, huh? If you're anything like me, you have six to seven different types of deodorant at any time and take 4 showers a day.  Now you can cure yourself with surgery, cutting off all your sleeves or attaching electric sponges to your pits, but who wants to try those invasive and potentially deadly procedures. So I would like to hark back to the time of the Native Americans.

Although they did not wear shirts, they too had to deal with sweat coming out of their axilla. They wore armbands to prevent the leaking. "But Jack, they didn't have to worry about pit stains like the western world has to!" That is where I come in, I have tweaked the armband slightly to make it more viable as a pit stain preventer in this day and age.

You're Welcome Interwebs.

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