Subtle Thistle

....Try yelling that at a moving bus! It is clear that Yellow won't be my color this year, a mistake I rarely make, either way I won't go back.

Has anyone been noticing the earthquakes lately? Like Haiti and Chile? C'mon, does anyone else see a pattern? There has been a high concentration of quakes worldwide, and they have been more consistent each year. So far there have been 22 earthquakes in Northern California in the past two months. Now compare that to last year, which only had 37 earthquakes and 2008 with 28.

This only leads to my legendary brilliant scientific mind to concluded, that the earth is going to hatch or it's a giant disco ball dice dangling  in a gigantic 1967 El Dorado Cadillac. It is truly a toss up as to which is true. I know, I know, you think a giant phoenix will hatch from the egg of earth, but let me warn you platypi are born from eggs as well...I have hand picked the person who can decipher what is going on deep under our feet. This is his video resume:

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