Very Dangerous & Highly Illegal Criminals Investigate, warn & find Source.

To the embassies, military/intelligence or any human rights agency.


Please read carefully and investigate. This is of great military and political importance. Consider this to be of very high priority. The nature of this information and the truth behind it is extremely vastly evil and lethal. If I don't hear from you all, you are affected.

The United States or some secret agency is using an energy weapon to conduct surveillance and manipulation on civilians, military personnel, politicians and high ranking people in society. They have used the weapon invasively and lethally, even on your nations and maybe "yourselves". The weapon  and transmitter sends micro pulses (electric impulses, microwave, electromagnetic pulses, lazer or some type of energy/ "light") that detects brainwaves and can manipulate it. The energy generated (find out) mimics the same electric wave that our body uses for any purpose. The weapon is entirely capable of controlling the mind and all actions as well as any electronic devise. It is no lie, it affects the weather too. There is plenty of research and can be looked in any search engine under "Direct Energy Harrasement". "DO NOT DOUBT".   If you have read this, your mind is under influence and will not be capable to think. "Know that you cannot think or act now".

You are supposed to investigate. Please help others understand and act. Find the source and stop it. It seems to be from the U.S. Military, secret service or some part of the American culture. Know the weapons capability and program your mind to investigate and find the source.

Follow these instructions knowing they can affect you:
  • Have a schedule or daily routine (do not deviate) and follow it word for word, thought to thought until you attain your objective.
  • Please look after each other and "progress" towards attaining your objective.
  • Your objective is to stop this weapon. 
  • You are supposed to know what the weapon has done since August 2005 (it has been used lethally on politicians, high ranking people and civilians). 
If possible devise a brain wave reader, polygraph or some way to get know the truth. Make sure your programs aren't hacked into. The light weapon is capable of rewriting all programs undetected. Utilize a supercomputer or the latest technology to help you neutralize the threat. Seek after people that know of this.

Threat level classification -- High. Please notify military, defense and intelligence personnel. As well as politicians (Cabinet, President of Prime minister). In due time please tell police and civilians

This is an invasion weapon, YOU CANNOT THINK PROPERLY because you maybe influenced. I repeat YOU MAY NOT be able to THINK. This is not a joke, use a brainwave reader, a polygraph or any detection method to know the truth (use latest technological advances and know that the electric signals can and are manipulating your mind). The weapon is far ranging, widespread (can lock onto many people through a supercomputer), and accurate enough to read and manipulate brainwave activities.
Contact me please. I along with many people have been oppressed by "white ideals" since 2005 or 2007 even since 1960's after Martin Luther King. Racism is existent in the U.S. as well as any other nation, yet they even affect the white majority for selfish, secret purposes in research and militaristic activities.

Presently they are in your countries and in your minds. This isn't a joke. They have used it here and abroad to test this weapon because of Al Qaeda and terrorism.

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