Becoming a Man

Part 13
Last week in Becoming a Man we explored the ins-and-outs of what you can and cannot put in a electrical socket. Anyways moving onward, turning into a man is as much a physical change as a mental and today, we will focus on the physical. It is important as a male to change from his girly boyish phase to a fully developed dude.  The most obvious is fur, humans maintain their fleece so as to be distinguished from the animals. But where women are the furtherest from fur laden beasts('cept for french women), men sympathize...almost pay tribute to their brotherly beast. We are MEN dammit! We don't shave our legs or our armpits, we are the golden mean.

-So Lads, Listen Carefully-

  • Try not to remove any hair unless you feel it is necessary 
  • If you must remove the hair, find the most dangerous way possible to remove the hair. Take a cutthroat razor, a butchers knife, matches, tree bark and try to remove the hair in question.
  • Either way your hair is going to keep growing after you die.
  • Hair cuts at salons are for pussies, get some gardening shears and do it YOURSELF!

-Next Week-
Part 14 of Becoming a Man: Manly Costumes...Choosing the right one for you!

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