The Yoga Resistance

Are you tired of all these yoga nut jobs? Do you have nightmare that one of those yoga stores will open up in your neighborhood? Does the sight of sweaty, spandex laden people at the grocery store make your purchasing experience dreadful?

Well if this discribes you in anyway, there is a rebel group a foot. There was Bikram and now there is Brittleyam! JOIN US! Where Bikram is hot (like hell), Brittleyam is cool (like 35° F). The goal of Bikram is to be warm and limber, we do not like. Brittleyam wants you brittle and the only way to achieve that is by freezing you. This also leads to the opposite type of clothing, you won't want to be wearing spandex to class, oh no, you will be wearing 3 layers of pants and maybe on super puffy jacket! Why you ask? Because our classes take place in meat freezers. So boys and girls, lets get Brittle...YAMS!

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