Seal Beating Conference 2010

Well It looks like that time of year again! Where everyone gets out their favorite club and heads up to Canada to hit some nice seal noggin'. This November will be Canada's 23rd annual Seal Beating Conference (AKA SeeBee-Con)! Where people of all ages get together to beat on seals, trade and make clubs and confab about being a SeeBee.

Hand Made Seal Club

 This year will be adding even more than last year, with booths for children to make their own beating stick and Whack-a-Seal, fun for all ages!

Whack-A-Seal Booth

We are proud to announce new exciting way to bludgeon a seal: Club a "Navy" Seal. We pit you against some of the most dangerous seals we have. We dress them up in adorable Navy SEALs outfits and let them go into our contained seal environment. You will have to use your wit and cunning to beat these "Navy" Seals! 

Club a "Navy" Seal 

Sign up here to get your reservation! 

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Rachel S said...

those navy seals are adorable... and ruthless.