The Bush Man Diet

Manny's is a believer in the Peyote Religion. Followers of this religion believe that the drug holds special spiritual powers and thus use it to show the user his future path. Manny's Bush Man Diet or Hunter/Warrior Diet thus incorporates it. Manny proclaimed that after a month of staying on his rigorous diet one will no longer be lazy, lose weight, and "cure" any homosexual.
  • The first and most important (as expressed from his previous letter) is a clean water supply. The only clean (un-chlorinated) water source in Santa Cruz is all the way up in Bendlomen behind a large warehouse. There you can find a facet that you should use for everything that you use water for.
  • everything certified organic by C.C.O.F. or similar N.G.O.
Now I will let Manny's Manuscript take over.

6am waking up, lay, think "why." Snort teaspoon clean salt H20
  • 1/2 cup good, clean water, only
  • pee time, urinate
  • 1/2 cup mixed dried frruit
  • teaspoon honey, teaspoon balsalmic (grape) vinegar, teaspoon beepollen, vitamin C--500milligrams or 1/2 orange or 1/2 lime
  • rinse mouth, spit and shit
8-10am work
10-11am sit silently
11-12am lay down on back awake
12-4pm walk quietly
4pm 1/2 cup good clean water, urinate while bending knees (third and last pee)
free till 5pm to talk. Snort teaspoon clean salt water.
5pm grain meal -- 1 cup mixed grains, 250 milligrams niacin, B3
  • 1/2 cup mixed nuts or bread and tahini
6-7om alk and prepare veggie meal of mixed root and breen vegetables steamed in good clean water, drink 1/2 cup veggie broth before eating veggies. one tablet veg. derived anti-oxident multi-vitamins.
Four consecutive nights. No meat, for protein eat one egg or tbsp spirolina or 1 cup plain, no fat yogurt. (all these items ORGANIC CERTIFIED C.C.O.F. or similar)

Fifth night- 1 cup wild, hunted or organic store bought meat

after six months of bush diet, one may begin sorcery practice of wake all night by firelight with psychedelics on fifth night only.
  • Store sexual energy with tantric sex or abstinence from orgasm
  • avoid stress from discussing personal history, decreasing egoism
  • no sleeping during daylight
  • no peeing at night, wait till 6am
  • no driving, no operation heavy machinery
  • no jarring body with hand tools, no over-exertion, avoid exhaustion
  • no discussing or pondering alone fear fantasies, stay alert to present moment.
  • no vice - mota smota. tobacco, coffee, sweets, alcohol, mind altering, prescribed or illicit.
  • no employment, exposure to chemicals, avoid pollution and polluting.

Editors note: I have smelled alcohol on someones breath but never pot...touché manny, touché.