Letters from a Foriegn Affairs Deputy

In April of 1919, Germany was in tatters from World War I. After assassinating the local governor of the German province, Bavaria. The Bavarian Soviet Republic or Munich Soviet Republic declared it's independence. The movement was consisted mainly of communists and anarchists, the most famous and leader of the bunch was Ernst Toller, a play writer and poet. The Republic only lasted a couple of weeks before Germany's national army put down the rebellion. Ernst Toller appointed Franz Lipp as Foreign Affairs Deputy of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, these are his letters...

April 7th, 1919

Dear Comrade Pope [Benedict XV],

How is Rome, my comrade? It must be very nice right now, spring is one my favorite times in Munich. You must come see the flowers bloom, my good friend. Also please bless our Red Army victorious in war. Finally, YOU have taken the ministry's key to the lavatory, please return it! Consider this an ultimatum and return the key immediately.

Sincerely your comrade and good friend,

Foreign Affairs Deputy
Franz Lipp

The next letter was sent to the governments of Wuttemburg and Switzerland.

April 15th, 1919

You dirty dogs how dare you refuse to loan us 60 locomotives! The Bavarian Republic has declared war on you, expect no mercy from the Red Army. I am certain we will be victorious.

Foreign Affairs Deputy
Franz Lipp

This letter is a reply to Vladimir Lenin's Letter of Greetings.

April 29th, 1919

Dear Comrade Vladimir Lenin,

Thank you for your support, but it has come to the attention of the Foreign Affairs Deputy that the fugitive Hoffmann has taken the keys to ministry's toilet with him to Moscow. Please respond as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Foreign Affairs Deputy
Franz Lipp

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