Dog Politics (what every human should know)

Talking Dog Politics: Part 3

Last week we discussed sniffing do's and donuts, this week posture and discussion topics. Never show your fangs during a dog debate, always look interested, as previously discussed, try to smell their butt or just keep your tail up. Crossing arms is ok but never cross your legs, it is taken as an obvious superiority of humans. It is ok to bite/tackle/bark while the other is barking.

Now that we have basic postures down, lets discuss woof poli-science. When starting a political discussion location is very important. If you are able to get to the other dog, just walk up and sniff butt, then start after both parties are satisfied you can began the discussion. If you are trapped inside a car, house, or just leashed, yell out your political views at the other canines.

Popular topics to discuss: are we slaves or gods? Are cats bitches or what and where can we get those sharp pussy hands? Peanut butter: friend or foe? Did you smell that? What I have humped today! What are social and economic repercussions of retrieving?

Next week, Part 4: when to hump during a political discussion. and special insight, which dog food is the best and why it's not cat food. Special recognition to Ednal for her outstanding achievements.

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