Listen Music Man

I know you have had your fun lately, shutting down two large bit torrent sites: Oink and Demoniod. Congratulations, but we both know you can't stop the downloading. Oink alone has dozens of copy sites popping up over the net with its recent execution. You try and embrace the change, but you can't let go. You realize now big music companies that you are just pimps. When the government put implementations on prostitution, this lead to pimps coming to protect prostitutes from the law. Before pimps, prostitution was just a job young girls did when they or their families were in dire straights. When prostitution became a problem in England in the 1880's, the government passed laws against prostitution, pimps came along. (Ironically, it was Jack the Ripper killing prostitutes which lead to the ban).

So, music labels, when did you become a pimp? Most musicians make no money on their albums, all their album money goes to the Companies, the musician may get about 20 cents a CD. Musicians make their money off the concerts and thats what keeps them touring.

Large music corporations are the middle man and we don't need that in capitalist country. They push music on us, that they think everyone will like. They push music that tests well. Just push music pimps to the curb; download music...lots and lots of music. These companies will not be stopped anytime soon or maybe never. Virgin Inc. alone has way too much diversification to be stopped in the music world, but it is worth a try to bring the down a few notches. As it is, they have proven that downloading music is not the cause of recent loss in shares, it is the fact that the music industry was on the quarterly stock market system, so they were putting hits out to correspond to the stock market. They no longer cared about the product, just getting it out there and sold.