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Manny is a regular at my place of work, about 55 years old and he hasn't got all the marbles in his head. He gave me his manuscript today after telling me his diet, this is an excerpt from that manuscript.

Dear Judge Kelsey of Superior Court -- Santa Cruz County, State of California, U.S.A.,

I want to thank you for the survival act claus that is protecting me from being searched by law enforcement for guns or marijuana during this past year; nothing has been confiscated. Thankyou for telling the State Park Ranger Mike Rominger and others to let me stay in the park for the earthquake!

I have grown a small crop of marijuana for personal, medical smoke. It was grown in virgin park soil, unamended, except for maple tree mulch, hand watered with near-by spring water. It did not make it to maturity; as soon as one inch buds had formed, the main crop was stolen. Worst, what was left and tested unconsumable due to acid rain/fog and accumulated pollutions in the soil. I gave it all away and will not smoke pot grown from year 2000; only aged marijuana is consummable.

No one has talked to me from your department regarding the false charge, felony, of marijuana cultivation "for Sales" in June of 1997. The reality was that I was growing marijuana for personal, medical use following the 7 passage of Proposition 215, legalizing it for medical (pain control and digestion/assimilation of food) use in California. Now that my probation is over I am again a registered voter ( I voted for both you and Prop 215 in 1996), but it's now illegal for me to own a firearm or hunt in the United States because of the false charges of marijuana cultivation "for Sales". I was given my knives back thanks to The Survival Act, but with no ability to hunt legally with a fire-arm puts me in danger of law enforcement and bounty hunters or land owners. Due to my pesticide-free diet and Peyote Religion only unpolluted wild meat is edible and I'm not a vegetarian.

I was made knon to me over theyears, by members of your department, no to run away or leave town, that "we will help you in the end". At another meeting my Star of David knife was taken and I was told it would be "in your locker along with the keys to the tombs.". Buzz Car (sp?) in cell block one was taken aside by your departmet (Justice)and was told to tell me that some day after a big earthquake, [Manny] will be working for the Justice Department with access to all the confiscated, warehoused marijuana for distributiong to prevent violence because it was panda-monium due to crop failure following containment failure of the nuclear powerplants caused by massive earthquakes caused by severe weather/temperature changes casued by too many people driving too many caurs under an ozone-depleted sky. Buzz Car

Iwa I want my charges dropped in closed court. I Court Fees and probqation fees totalling in $4,000.00 I want reimoursed and I can forget the pound of pot I grew that was confiscated. I'm planning and arranging an accurate environmental report for network TV proving immenent crop failure. If you wish to talk to me about this and my false charges, see you soon in closed court. I repeat, I don't grow pot for sale.

[hand signed]

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julia fredenblog said...

What's Peyote Religion? I love this!